Owner retired - business currently shut down and for sale. Parties interested in purchasing the business info@southwestforge.com
Southwest Forge

Exterior Gripsets

Southwest Forge specializes in ruggedly beautiful hand-forged exterior gripsets that add personality to any home. Their solid construction and durable finish makes them a great long-term investment in your house.

These handsome gripsets are available in various finishes as either handle-to-lever mortis configurations (for smooth operation and maximum security), or as dummy sets.

When making a good first impression is important, these gripsets do the job!

See the products here.

The New Mission Style

The new Mission style door hardware is reminiscent of a time when elegance was simple, and functional quality was paramount. View the Mission products here.

Bathroom and Other Hardware

Continue the style of your door hardware throughout your home by choosing similarly themed products from the Hardware Accessories, Cabinet & Door Accessories and Bath Accessories sections.

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